The Ultimate Nature and Heritage Trail Cycling Guide And Lookout Points To Check Out In Sentosa

Many parts of Sentosa still retain the original tranquil and green environment that have existed since its early days when it was still known as Pulau Blakang Mati. Sentosa has dedicated cycling tracks made up on green cycling roads on the roads, cycling paths along the beautiful beaches as well as the more challenging nature cycling trails you never knew existed. You can spend half a day cycling around Sentosa’s various lookout points to discover some of the nooks and corner you might never have known existed, while learning more about the island’s historical and natural heritage.

Cycle to the Machine Gun Pillbox at Siloso Beach

One of the rare machine gun pillboxes that is still remaining in modern day Singapore. This was built along the southern beaches of Sentosa during 1936 to 1940, as part of Singapore’s overall beach defence plan during WW2. Each pillbox was equipped with two Vickers machine guns, a small searchlight and a generator. Check out the information board that unveils more information on the machine gun pillbox.

Access the Imbiah Nature Cycling Trail from Siloso Point

Embark on the 3.5km loop Sentosa nature trail which has been around 1970s. Check out the old monorail track!

Caution: Challenging route! Disembark and push bicycle at steep slopes.

Most Instagrammable Places in Sentosa

Plenty of IG worthy spots to check out at imbiah trail. You would be delighted to find many resting spots shaped like a mushroom along the trail.
Must Not Miss: Rock dragon and waterfall. 
Do You know? Mount Imbiah Trial is at a “whopping” 65 metres above sea level!

Mount Imbiah Battery

The Mount Imbiah Battery was an infantry redoubt in the 1880s. The battery which was emplaced with a 9.2 inch coastal gun to protect the western entrance to the Singapore harbour by the time WWI broke out in 1914. This battery had remained as a reserve magazine storing till the fall of Singapore during WWII in 1942. 

Fun Fact: Are you aware there’s an underground structure in this battery which has been locked since the end of 1942? Where do you think this underground structure lead to? 

Where To Rent A Bicycle In Sentosa

Gogreen offers bicycle rental in Sentosa and is conveniently located at Siloso Beach Walk. From now till 31 December 2021, you would also be able to redeem your SingapoRediscovers Vouchers (SRV) to spend a meaningful cycling day in Sentosa.